The event happened on October 12th, and was a blast. Thanks to all involved, and watch this space for pictures and debriefs, soon. JJ Aucouturier

Official Submission/Discussion website for the ISMIR'2012 "Demos and Late-breaking" track.

This year, we've changed everything.

We think you should read this, whether you're already a presenter at ISMIR 2012,

but also if you've had an article rejected for the main track or if you were not planning on presenting anything at all.

This may change your mind.

In recent years, the demos and late-breaking results (D&L) track were a smaller version of the conference's main track, where papers were submitted and presented in the traditional manner.

This year, we're trying something new. Held on the last day of the conference (Friday October 12th, from 3pm), the D&L event will bring a full week of tutorials and presentations to a close by encouraging interaction and last-minute ideas over formal and well-prepared talks.

Specifically, D&L this year will be held in an 'unconference' style: there will be no formal submission and no peer-review. The D&L program will be built by participants, both before the event on this open website, and even during the conference.

This does not compromise on quality. In fact, all presented sessions during the D&L event will have the opportunity to be published and indexed on ismir.net as a full paper available for citation. Selected presentations will also be invited for submission as extended papers in a journal special issue (see FAQ for more details). Moreover, this website is an attempt to replace, for this session, the usual anonymous peer-review process by open commentaries and suggestions by the community. This is likely to be more valuable that if we'd kept this anonymous: judge for yourself by looking at the growing list of suggestions for the session's program.

D&L'12 is new. This is our laboratory for what ISMIR could become, our attempt at making the best of our community, of bringing ideas and data together for more collaborations, more projects, more impact, more science.

So bring in the interesting stuff. The half-baked. The not-quite-there-yet. The outrightly rejected. If it has an audience, we're taking it.

Come play with us.

More information?

See our list of Frequently Asked Questions about submission, presentation guidelines, etc.

Have a program suggestion? Post it here, or jump in and comment on proposals already made by others.